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Digital Musings From the Editor:

VFXWorld and AWN are at the SIGGRAPH Conference in full right now. VFXWorld's editor Bill Desowitz is walking the convention floor, checking out all that is new in the world of technology and visual effects. As for new articles on VFXWorld, continuing in the SIGGRAPH mode, we have an article from Mary Ann Skweres about Dr. Paul Debevec's pioneering 3D works as well as his newest short, THE PARTHENON, which premiered at SIGGRAPH 2004's famed Electronic Theater. As well, we have an article from J. Paul Peszko on Vicon's new MX line, the next generation suite of realtime optical motion capture systems.

Coming up will be the next excerpt from the INSPIRED series. Plus, we'll have feature articles on SIGGRAPH and the Electronic Theater. If you're at the event, stop by and visit us at booth #1058.

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