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Digital Musings From the Editor:

In anticipation of SIGGRAPH next week, VFXWORLD focuses on emerging technologies throughout August. We begin on Friday with Mary Ann Skweres' sneak peek at Paul Debevec's latest cutting-edge virtual journey, THE PARTHENON, a short film premiering in SIGGRAPH's Electronic Theater. Using the best archaeological sources available, Debevec digitally reconstructs the famed temple and photorealistically recreates many of the sculptures, revealing a host of new 3D visualization advancements.

Meanwhile, Alain Bielik discovers yet another visually arresting French film, IMMORTEL, which brings to the screen Enki Bilal's popular graphic novel with a creative blend of live action and CGI. And VFXWORLD launches another series of INSPIRED 3D excerpts: 3D SHORT FILM PRODUCTION by Jeremy Cantor and Pepe Valencia.

Bill DesowitzEditor