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Digital Musings From the Editor:

It's SIGGRAPH week and VFXWORLD editor Bill Desowitz is in San Diego soaking in all the CG excitement he can. Back on the home front, we have a few SIGGRAPH themed articles this week. Hot off the big announcement at SIGGRAPH of Massive 3.0, Massive Software's Diane Holland writes this month's "Digital Eye" column to give us some insider insight into the new things in store for the company and the software. J. Paul Peszko has coverage of the cutting-edge technologies coming out of SIGGRAPH's Emerging Technologies display. In other articles, Bruce Shutan talks with veteran vfx supervisor Hoyt Yeatman on teaming with Cinesite, Framestore-CFC and Realscan 3D to present a photorealistic portrait of UNDERDOG.

And for the most up-to-date SIGGRAPH coverage you have to check out AWN and fxguidetv's daily netcasts from the show in AWN's new Media Center.

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