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Digital Musings From the Editor:

VFXWORLD has the scoop on a brand new webisodic sci-fi series, SANCTUARY, produced by Stage 3 Media in Vancouver, created by Damian Kindler and starring Amanda Tapping (both from the STARGATE TV franchise). Tara DiLullo Bennett speaks with the show's vfx guru Ron Martin about the predominantly greenscreen/CG work with XSI and ZBrush, and how SANCTUARY represents the next evolution in series-based entertainment.

Meanwhile, Peter Plantec reports back from Stuttgart, Germany, home of the fmx/07 conference, which is quickly becoming "Your Global VFX Connection."

And, finally, at the end of the week, we begin the first of three articles on the summer's first blockbuster, SPIDER-MAN 3.

Bill DesowitzEditor