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Digital Juice Launches Simplexity 4

Digital Juice launches Simplexity Collection 4, a new line of downloadable projects and templates for Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro, Apple Final Cut Pro/Apple Motion and Sony Vegas Pro.

Lake Mary, FL -- Digital Juice announced the release of Simplexity Collection 4, the latest collection in a new line of downloadable projects and templates for Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere Pro, Apple Final Cut Pro/Apple Motion and Sony Vegas Pro. The Simplexity product line offers a unique blend of simple and complex in a collection of animated templates that motion graphics artists and video editors can use as-is or customize to adapt to their project needs. Simplexity projects and templates can be used in everything from high-tech show opens, wedding videos and network show promos to broadcast television commercials, sports highlights reels and training material.

Unlike the ready2go Projects & Templates and Toxic Templates product lines that feature complex layers with multiple video and text segments, wipes and fonts per template, the new Simplexity Collection 4 templates offer the same complex sophisticated look in a simpler streamlined design that may only contain two or three video and text segments. “We've engineered these templates so that they are easy for you to produce what you need for your production, without the extra technical infrastructure that comes with heavier, more complicated project files,” says David Hebel, CEO of Digital Juice. “Think of the difference between a mechanical and a digital watch; they can both look good and tell time, but one is more complex to fix and operate than the other!”

In the new Simplexity Collection 4, users will find a unique collection of powerfully simple animated projects that push the limits of cutting-edge style, while still remaining exceptionally intuitive and easy to use -- even for beginners. Some of the creative looks in this package include a pair of horizontally and diagonally scrolling filmstrips where each frame doubles as a video or text drop zone, to a BIOTECH animation complete with floating atomic particles and a pair of eye-catching orange boxes that spin and rotate and then stop to reveal their drop zones - to name just a few of the dynamics looks in this template package. 

“To make sure you wouldn't have any compatibility issues, we only used effects and features that are already built into your editor,” says Hebel. “It's also incredibly easy to use the Simplexity projects as-is or you can take them apart and add your own look and feel. Whether you want to turn off a layer, change fonts, swap backgrounds or increase the timing, it's in your complete control.” Another major difference between the new Simplexity product line and its big brothers, the ready2go Projects & Templates and Toxic Templates, is the fact that you can choose to purchase and download individual projects as opposed to having to buy an entire collection. This is especially handy for an editor or artist who is working on a budget with a deadline who needs a specific look immediately.

Source: Digital Juice

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