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Digital Jesters to Publish Super X Studios Wild Earth

Super X Studios is partnering with U.K-based Digital Jesters to bring its long-anticipated game, WILD EARTH, to market worldwide on PC CD-ROM for the upcoming holiday season.

Developed by Seattle-based Super X Studios, WILD EARTH features a graphically spectacular safari adventure set in the heart of Africa, taking gamers on a journey through the Serengeti National Park. The concept, which centers on exploration of the spectacular African terrain and photography of an immense array of beautifully and accurately rendered indigenous flora and fauna, has also been developed by Super X Studios as a motion simulator thrill ride recently installed in several locations worldwide, including the Philadelphia and San Diego zoos.

"WILD EARTH is a unique concept which we're confident will appeal to a broad range of people, including non-traditional gaming audiences like female gamers, young children and families, said James Thrush, owner of Super X Studios. The non-violent gameplay, topical subject matter and breathtaking visuals give the game immense mass market potential and we're delighted to be working with Digital Jesters to bring WILD EARTH to as wide an audience as possible,".

WILD EARTH has already won a number of innovation awards at the Independent Games Festival, and Digital Jesters is currently in discussion with several key sponsorship partners for the game.

"We're extremely pleased to have signed such a unique and widely appealing title, said Terry Malham, Digital Jesters co-founder/commercial director added. With the constant criticism over violence in videogames, it's fantastic to be able to offer a product that gives gamers something completely different. WILD EARTH has afforded us some incredible opportunities with a number of large, globally recognized brands and we're very excited about the partnership possibilities available."

Founded in 2003, Digital Jesters ( a British-based publisher of computer and videogames. Set up by the duo responsible for launching and establishing the SUDDEN STRIKE and COSSACKS series of games in the U.K., the company is committed to originality. Digital Jesters acquired the original TRACKMANIA game from French developer Nadeo and, using DJ's ethos of community development strategy, the game become one of the sleeper hits of the year.

A tie-in with record-breaking yachtswoman Ellen Macarthur for the firm's second release, VIRTUAL SKIPPER 3 ensured the game received widespread attention among the elusive non-gamer, and firmly placed the publisher on the map. The firm has enjoyed three top 10 PC hits, one of which is from the developers Cyanide, creators of PRO RUGBY MANAGER. DJ is expanding its operation to cover additional territories. It has also published its own comicbook to widespread critical acclaim.

Founded in 1996, Super X Studios ( an independent game developer committed to producing state-of-the-art titles. It has received critical acclaim for a number of its productions, including WILD EARTH, FAR GATE, DESKTOP DREAMSCAPES and NVCHESS.