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Digital Film Tools Releases 55MM 2.0

Digital Film Tools has released 55MM 2.0, a comprehensive set of digital optical filters for Adobe After Effects and After Effects compatible programs, Apples Final Cut Pro and Avid Editing Systems. 55MM includes twenty plug-ins that until recently were only available in-house at Digital Film Tools' parent company, visual effects facility Digital FilmWorks. The unique set of plug-ins was created to simulate popular glass camera filters, specialized lenses and optical lab processes, allowing images to be treated in a controlled digital environment. 55MM includes: black and white, bleach bypass, color grad, defocus, dual tint, faux film, fluorescent, fog, glow, infra-red, low contrast, mist, ND grad, night vision, polarizer, selective soft focus, skin smoother, star, tint and warm/cool plug-ins. For those users without high-end graphics systems, 55MM provides the option of processing in 16 bit even if the host system is limited to 8 bit. 16 bit processing removes the common problems associated with 8 bit processing such as color banding and results in higher quality imagery. 55MM for Apples Final Cut Pro, Avid Editing Systems, Adobe After Effects, Pinnacle Commotion, Discreet combustion and After Effects compatible programs is available for both Macintosh and Windows at at a price of US$195. 55MM 2.0 is a free upgrade for existing customers.