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Digital Entertainment Network Version 2.0

Digital Entertainment Network (DEN), a Gen Y-targeted Netcaster, has relaunched its site. The new version has a slicker look and features a Flash comic strip called CRIME TIME. Director, producer and writer Steve Oedekerk (ACE VENTURA: PET DETECTIVE) has also signed a deal to bring his content to the site, which includes WORLD THUMB WRESTLING. In the next 60 days, DEN plans to relaunch the Flash animated THE FAT KID NETWORK. "We're launching a site that is about 100% deeper than what we had before," said David Neuman, president and head of creative programming for the Santa Monica-based company. The new business model, which calls for the acquisition of entertainment content from outside creators and celebs, will hopefully counter the previous money mismanagement and senior employee sex scandals.

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