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Digital Domain Launches D2 Software, Inc.

Digital effects studio Digital Domain has formed D2 Software, Inc. to develop, market and support digital image processing software based upon the proprietary technology developed by the company over the last decade. The flagship of the new companys software line will be Nuke, Digital Domains Academy Award-winning compositing software that operates on NT, Linux and IRIX platforms. "As a nodal-based compositing solution, Nuke is more advanced than anything currently available on the market," noted Michael Taylor, Digital Domains VP, Digital Studio. "It has been used on every feature film on which Digital Domain has worked from TRUE LIES to TITANIC to XXX, and it is becoming an ever more valuable tool to our commercials production group. The general availability of tools like Nuke can only serve to make our industry stronger." D2 Software will make Nuke 3.0 available immediately to interested clients and will announce new product availability in the coming year. For more information about Nuke and D2 Software, visit