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Digital Domain Brings On The Nukes

Venice, California-based Digital Domain, the visual effects company responsible for digital effects in recent blockbusters like THE TIME MACHINE, LORD OF THE RINGS, X-MEN and ARMAGEDDON, will announce a new software venture at SIGGRAPH 2002. According to THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER, Digital Domain will be offering a public version of its proprietary compositing tool, Nuke. Digital Domain hopes to compete with Shake, the popular compositing software owned by Apple. Digital Domain CEO Scott Ross told The HR, "It seems that Shake will be catering to Mac OS and (Apple) will be terminating their Linux and NT support. Because of that we are considering the licensing of Nuke." The cost of the software will most likely be in line with Shake (about $10,000 per seat). In 2002, Digital Domain was presented with an award from the Academys technical and scientific branch for Nuke. Digital Domain is currently at work on effects for Universal Studios upcoming actioner XXX.