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Digital Domain Adopts Massive

Massive Software, developer of the Academy Award-winning 3D animation system for AI-driven characters and digital stunts, announced that Digital Domain is integrating Massive into its vfx pipeline. Massive, originally developed by Massive Software founder Stephen Regelous for use on THE LORD OF THE RINGS large-scale battle scenes, has been adopted by premiere creative facilities worldwide, including Rhythm & Hues, Animal Logic, WETA Digital, The Mill and many others. Digital Domain (STEALTH I, ROBOT and THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW) recognized the value of Massive Software for meeting the complex effects challenges of todays discriminating feature film and commercial clientele.

We chose to go with Massive because it is the best solution in its class, said Darin Grant, director of technology, Digital Domain. When we were looking for tools that enable us to animate and render crowd scenes, we were hard pressed to find anything on the market that matched the flexibility and scale Massive provides.

Digital Domain visual effects Supervisor Matthew Butler, who recently received a Visual Effects Society award for the companys work on THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW, also expressed enthusiasm for bringing Massive in house. Massive opens up new and complex effects scenarios for presentation to directors, Butler said. There are many unique solutions available to artists with Massive that simply would not be feasible to create otherwise. Im looking forward to using it on a project.

The work that has been accomplished with Massive really changed the way our industry thinks about large-scale crowd simulation, Grant added. Because of this, we wanted to get Massive integrated into our pipeline and get our artists up to speed with the software in anticipation of projects we see coming down the line. The Massive team has been incredibly supportive and helpful in this process.

With its cutting-edge production pipeline, Digital Domain ( has established a world-class reputation for innovation and artistry. In its 12-year history, Digital Domain has won five Academy Awards: two for Achievement in Visual Effects (TITANIC and WHAT DREAMS MAY COME), and three for Scientific and Technical Achievement.

Based in Auckland, New Zealand, Massive Software ( is a leading developer of artificial intelligence-based 3D animation systems. Included in the software is its Smart Stunts feature, Ready-to-Run Agent Library and Massive Live realtime animation system.