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Digital Days 2004 From Santa Barbara International Film Festival

The Santa Barbara International Film Festival Presents the 6th Annual Digital Days, an interactive showcase and forum featuring screenings, presentations, seminars and classes to be held Feb. 7, 2004.

Highlighting state-of-the-art digital moviemaking and multimedia, Digital Days 2004 will provide area youth and film enthusiasts with an up-close and hands on experience with the latest digital software and computer technologies. Industry veterans and digital arts professionals will take part in several forums and interactive discussions. The entire one-day event will be Webcast live with chat, hosted by QuickTime, from the Digital Days Website (

"The Digital Days component of the Santa Barbara International Film Festival has been growing in scope and attendance each year and we felt that holding this year's event at SBCC would be ideal, as SBCC teaches many of the most popular applications and trains the future moviemakers and content creators," said Digital Days co-producer Richard Corwin, an Emmy Award-winning industry veteran. "The 2K4 mini-festival will start the day with Teen Filmmaker competition, screening and awards, sponsored by Adobe, Discreet and Canon Video; and Apple Pro-App classes will run concurrently throughout the day."

The panels will feature Academy Award-winning industry professionals, including Zack Staenberg, ACE., film editor, THE MATRIX trilogy, and many others. The Internet will build a virtual audience and include interactive question and answer sessions with panelists and presenters who use this technology daily in the entertainment industry. The 9-hour live Webcast and chat will connect the Web audience of colleges, universities, tech schools and other film festivals worldwide, creating an interactive event and dialogue as they explore how digital technology is shaping the way we view the world.

Information about the upcoming Digital Days 2K4 is available at