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Digital Anarchy Launches Redesigned Site

Digital Anarchy, a provider of vfx software for Adobe and Apple products, have a new version of their company website,

The website features an easier navigation system, a more streamlined support system, and a fresh, dynamic look. Online visitors will notice dramatic improvements in navigation, uniformity and appearance.

"As our product line has grown, the website has struggled to keep up. When we last updated our website in 2004, we had a half-dozen products and primarily serviced a single industry segment, that of motion design and visual effects." said Debbie Rich, PR and Content Manager for Digital Anarchy. "Over the past four years, we have expanded to 16 products and reached out to other industry sectors including video editors, Photoshop artists, and professional digital photographers. The usability of the website had become very crowded and we have planned this change for quite some time."

A great feature of the newly launched website is the inclusion of Support Forms in every product section. These forms allow users to efficiently contact Digital Anarchy regarding a specific product, speeding up the company's response time. A Support Center section aggregates common installation and pre-sales questions, as well as provides a general support form. The website now directs existing customers to reinstall or update their software on their own, rather than having to initially contact the company for help.

Along with the new website, Digital Anarchy has officially released two new functional areas. These areas are designed to give customers better access to getting their product questions answered, and to introduce the company on a more personable basis.

One area is a user forum called Anarchy Underground. This is a great place for people to get answers to pre- and post- sale questions about Digital Anarchy products, along with related discussion topics like chromakey photography and video editing techniques. The Digital Anarchy forum can be accessed at

The other area is the company blog, called AnarchyJim. In this blog, the company's president, Jim Tierney, and guest authors write their thoughts about the graphics industry, related topics, and the inner workings of the company. This is a way to get breaking news between company newsletters and to get to know the "Anarchists" on a more personable basis. The Digital Anarchy blog can be read at

Technical problems on the website, blog and forum can be reported to the webmaster at