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Digimon To Return to Toy Aisle

A unique line of Digimon toys will be released this fall, adding to the empire of one of the longest-running action series in the world.

The action-packed adventures of DIGIMON DATA SQUAD, the new fifth season from Toei Animation Inc. currently airing on Toon Disney's Jetix block, live on with Bandai America Inc.'s successful lineup of action figures and role-play toys for boys ages 4-8.

The redesigned Digivice Data Link, fashioned after the same device used by Marcus in the series, is a dynamic, action-packed electronic role-play toy that allows young boys to feed and train their own digital monsters.

Exciting features include the infrared technology enabling two Digimon owners to battle one another and a scanner function that collects DNA skills from an included DNA metal chip to strengthen characters, unlock special, secret items and DNA powers for their digital monster.

Kids can also play the seven mini-games to coach their monsters in battle skills and strength training.

Additionally, kids can collect 1.5-inch collectible Digimon character figures, 3.5-inch lightning Digivolving figures and 5-inch ultra-Digivolving characters.

All characters come with a DNA metal chip, which can be scanned with the Digivice Data Link.