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Digimon Data Squad Get 13-Episode Box Set

On the heels of the DIGIMON franchise's 10th anniversary, Toei Animation Inc. has finalized a licensing agreement with Well Go USA for the DVD rights to DIGIMON DATA SQUAD in the U.S. and Canada. Well Go USA will street a new box set, which includes the first 13 episodes, this spring.

DIGIMON DATA SQUAD follows the adventures of Marcus and his partner Digimon, Agumon as they challenge the menacing Digimon from the Digital World who intrude into the Human World to cause nothing but trouble. For their efforts, the pair is inducted into DATS (Data Squad) a special investigation unit called in to ensure planetary safety. Being a reformed schoolyard punk, Marcus learns to channel his belligerence toward the evil Digimon, and to work as a team to help protect the human world from ruin (48x30).