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Digimation Ships Facegen Head Generator

Digimation, Inc. has shipped FaceGen, an all-purpose head generator for 3ds max 3 and 4. FaceGen is built around a series of published anatomical metrics for real-life male and female heads. With the software, users receive full control over each feature independently. FaceGen also offers a complete set of Custom Mesh components so that after users create their preferred head style, they can add a skeletal structure beneath that will fit perfectly. Since the face is constructed in a logical, edge-loop style, it is easy to animate the features of the FaceGen face with 3ds max software's built-in Skin modifier, or other 3rd party extensions, like Bones Pro 3 or Morph-O-Matic. According to Beau Perschall, vice president, Digimation, "With the proliferation of high-end character animation for television and movies, FaceGen should help content creators shave hours or even days off of their productions without sacrificing quality when building their characters." Perschall also commented, "Knowing that FaceGen is the first stage in a much larger suite of tools geared toward facial animation, the community should take notice of this amazing tool." The software retails for US$195. For more information visit Digimation's Website at:

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