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Digimation Releases Bones Pro 3

Digimation Inc. announced on May 18, 2001 the immediate availability of Bones Pro 3, the latest version of the popular skeletal deformation tool for character and creature animation inside of 3ds max. The new release lets users build a set of underlying bones to deform a mesh, assign the Bones Pro 3 modifier to the mesh and pick the bones that will drive the animation. The new toolkit includes MetaBones and ParaBones, advanced tools that allow users further control of character deformations through the use of simple primitive objects that act as constraints within the skeleton. Now, instead of having to build a complicated skeleton to create hard creases (like an elbow), the user can insert a MetaBones object to further control the deformation at the joint. Bones Pro 3 retails for $495 and is available direct from Digimation as well as their worldwide reseller network. Bones Pro 2 users can upgrade for $95, while Bones Pro Max users can upgrade for $195. All character studio owners can purchase Bones Pro 3 for $295. For more information visit

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