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Digimation Launches 2005 3D Model/Library Collections

Digimation has released its affordable new 2005 3D model collections and libraries.

A Basic 3-Model subscription can be purchased for $995 direct from, with a choice of any three 3D models that individually list for $995, with 30 days to make the final selection. The Premier 5-Model subscription includes an option of any five 3D models with individual list prices of $4,995 for a total cost of $4,995 within a 90-day period to choose the range. This subscription is especially suited to projects where 3D animators require several digitized cars. The models can be previewed; selected and downloaded in any required format, on-line for subscription and individual purchases; and collections and libraries are shipped in CD sets.

Digimations collections include models grouped by a specific category. Collections are perfect if you need a lot of models on a single subject matter. Digimations best selling collections are Anatomy, Military, Ground Vehicles and Air Transport. There are 16 collections available for license, with quantities ranging from a few dozen models to more than a thousand models. Collections are available in four levels: Silver, Gold, Platinum and Titanium.

The higher the level, the more sophisticated the models. For example, Silver level collections contain low polygon-count models that provide maximum interactivity. The models in this level are ideal for mobile gaming, realtime game development and previsualization of scenes, sets and other concepts. Titanium level collections contain the best Digimation has to offer. Prices range from $395 for the Silver Space collection containing 77 models, to $24,995 for the Titanium Anatomy collection containing 465 models.

The Model Bank collection contains 1,160 models over various categories in four levels of detail (total 4,640 models). CD sets are available in 3ds max or Maya and the Online Access collection is available for download of several different formats. The Model Bank collection is currently priced at $995, which is a special 2005 introductory price. This special price is available until May 1, 2005, when the price will go back to the standard price of $1,695.

Digimations libraries also offer a cost-effective way to license multiple models at one time. If the 3D artists work involves ongoing 3D projects requiring selection and diversity, a Digimation library is a great solution. Libraries provide maximum content accessibility and choice, making thousands of models immediately available. Instead of licensing models one-by-one, Libraries allow you to license large volumes of models at a time. Each library contains a broad selection of digital content across all 16-model categories. Libraries are also available in four levels, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Titanium.

Now in its 13th year, Digimation is committed to providing solid, professional software, 3D models and digital assets, backed by quality support for computer graphic and animation professionals. Digimation's award-winning products have been used by creative professionals throughout the world in the creation of feature films, broadcast television productions and interactive games.