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DigiCel Releases Flipbook Version 3.5

DigiCel, Inc. has releaseda new version of its 2D animation software FlipBook, with improvedsupport for digital video capture and stop motion animation. Version3.5 features widespread support for digital video capture viaFireWire. A digital video camera and a FireWire port is all usersneed to capture high quality digital images directly into FlipBookfor pencil test and stop motion animation. DigiCel FlipBook also hasthe ability to rotate images 180 degrees during the capture processwithout any loss in performance, as well as overlay the live cameraimage onto a previously captured drawing so animators can realign thecamera to resume shooting even if the camera or the peg bar has beenmoved. In addition to this realignment feature, FlipBook 3.5 hasseveral improvements for stop motion animators including enhancementsto the "One-Touch Capture" feature, allowing stop motion animators tosee a scene play back with a new frame added the instant the framehas been captured. FlipBook Version 3.5 is a free upgrade to allcustomers with version 3 or above. For other pricing, and to learnmore about DigiCel FlipBook, visit the Website at