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DigiCel Releases FlipBook PT

DigiCel, Inc. recently released FlipBook PT, their new pencil test software for Windows. The new software follows the classical approach to cel animation letting animators scan and shoot or draw their artwork directly into a traditional exposure sheet and play it back instantly. The user can then adjust the playback rate, synchronize the soundtrack and even edit the exposure sheet while the scene is playing, then see and hear those changes immediately. This is also useful for storyboarding, animatics and track reading to improve lip synch. "We're very excited about the response we've been getting," says Kent Braun, President of DigiCel. "Everybody loves FlipBook. It's the ultimate combination of power and ease-of-use." DigiCel is currently only offering this product in black and white, and for Windows. However, a color version is in development and will be followed shortly by a professional version that will feature multiplane camera movement. Flipbook PT is available now and priced at US$299. For more information visit