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Digicel Releases Flipbook Lite For $99

DigiCel, Inc. has announced the release of DigiCel FlipBook Lite, a full-featured 2D animation program with all the same features, resolution and image quality of their higher-end broadcast quality products. Artists can use either a camera or the program's built-in light table feature to create their animations. The drawings are automatically positioned in a traditional style exposure sheet. While the scene plays, animators can experiment with timing changes by editing the exposure sheet, immediately updating the preview. FlipBook Lite allows users to choose from over 16 million colors to create custom color palettes for each character. In scenes with large characters or limited movement FlipBook Lite can automatically paint any item in every frame thereby saving the user from having to paint every frame entirely by hand. The most attractive feature of the software is its price of US$99. For more information visit the company's Website at

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