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DigArts Announces Grains & Grasses

DigArts Software announces the release of their new collection of paints for artists using Painter, Paint Shop Pro or Photo-Paint.

"Grains & Grasses is the newest in our series of paints for art professionals working with foliage and nature," said Dennis Berkla, president of DigArts Software. "This set paints grains and grasses with unmatched speed and detail, even at high resolutions. These paints are ideal for graphics, architectural illustration and fine art because they work in a range of sizes and for a variety of media, including print, video and 3D."

The nozzles, tubes and lists spray foliage in common growth patterns over more than 2,000 pixels. Wheat, rice, grass, oats, foxtails, sorghum, broom, bromus and wild grain paint sets are on the CD, and in seasonal and windblown variations. Touch-up and shadowing tools are included as well. Plus, the palettes are expandable. The paints are coordinated so artists can "mix" their own.

The Painter version also includes an assortment of brushes and touch-up patterns designed especially for Painter 6-8, allowing artists to choose variants created for each of the nozzles or patterns. In addition, the pattern libraries offer a set of touch-up paints that can extend creative control down to the level of individual seeds and grains.

Grains & Grasses is available through March for only $69.95 (regularly $99.95). Grains & Grasses requires Painter 5.x-8, Paint Shop Pro 7-8 or Photo-Paint 8-12). To see examples or to find out more, visit

Founded in 1994, DigArts Software produces specialized paints for computer artists working with Painter, Paint Shop Pro or Photo-Paint. Other products include Jungle 2D, Jungle 3D, Tree Forestry, Tubular Neon and Palm Paints.

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