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DiDio & Fipke New Mainframe VPs

MAINFRAME ENTERTAINMENT, INC. announced the appointment of DAN DIDIO to the position of senior VP of creative affairs and ASAPH (ACE) FIPKE to the position of VP creative development. Both will be based at the company's Los Angeles business development offices. DiDio will oversee all development, distribution, marketing and promotion as well as merchandising and licensing of Mainframe's properties. Fipke will be responsible for all development of new digital properties and will work closely with Mainframe's partners to assure a smooth creative process. DiDio came to Mainframe in 1996 after two years at ABC Children's Television as executive director responsible for Saturday morning and after school specials. He was story editor on Mainframe's first production, the award-winning series REBOOT. Fipke came to Mainframe from live-action production in Vancouver to serve as a producer on Mainframe's TV projects.

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