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Dick and Paula come to FX Network

Cable network FX has ordered 13 episodes of their first-ever animated comedy series, THE DICK AND PAULA CELEBRITY SPECIAL, produced by Tom Snyder Productions. The show, set to premiere in spring '99, will use a derivation of Snyder Productions' trademark computer-generated process, "SquiggleVision." The weekly half-hour series is about the behind-the-scenes goings on of a husband-and-wife talk show team (Dick and Paula). They interview contemporary stars, fictionalized characters and major historical figures. Snyder comments on this unique show, "DICK AND PAULA establishes a new genre of animation. I am very excited about this project because the material for the show is unlimited. It is the kind of series that will always be fresh and the humor quotient is limitless." Tom Snyder Productions also produces such animated series as DR. KATZ: PROFESSIONAL THERAPIST (Comedy Central), SQUIGGLEVISION (ABC) and the upcoming UPN series, HOME MOVIES.