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DIC & PBS Announce The Debut Of Liberty's Kids

DIC Entertainment and the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) have announced the debut of their newest children's animated series, LIBERTY'S KIDS. Premiering on Memorial Day 2002 on PBS, the series follows two young teenagers working in Benjamin Franklin's print shop as they tell the stories of the American Revolution. Walter Cronkite, one of the most respected American journalists of all time, will be voicing the Benjamin Franklin character. Dr. Jack Rakove, Pulitzer Prize-winning historian, and Dr. Gordon Berry from UCLA, who wrote the handbook on media impact for kids and age appropriateness of material, will be consultants on the series to insure accuracy. "This series was inspired by a desire we shared to introduce kids in America, and around the world, to the principles and ideals that were at the core of the American Revolution -- democracy and freedom of expression," said Andy Heyward, chairman and CEO of DIC Entertainment. "Such important values as these are described as part of entertaining and colorful stories, all the while inspiring young Americans to understand a little more how fortunate we are to be living in such an open democracy. LIBERTY'S KIDS' deals with real issues in a manner that a young audience can understand." John F. Wilson, co-chief programming executive, PBS, said, "LIBERTY'S KIDS will bring history and civics alive for school-age children. Many of the stories remain relevant today. We see the series as a way for children to become excited about history and find its relevance in their lives today."

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