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DHX Releases New 'Rastamouse' App

DHX Media brings its the hit property “Rastamouse” to new platforms with the launch of “Rastamouse Ride Da Riddim" skateboarding app.

DHX Media is bringing its hit preschool property Rastamouse to new platforms with the launch of the Rastamouse ‘Ride Da Riddim’ Skateboarding App, now live.

The app is based on the television series produced by The Rastamouse Company, airing in the UK on CBeebies, which has gained a massive following. Taking pre-schoolers and their parents on adventures through Mouseland, where the main character and his band ‘Da Easy Crew’ endeavors to ‘Make A Bad Ting Good’ in his community.

The game’s premise is built on this principle, as the player you are enlisted in the quest to ‘make a bad ting good’ playing as a member of Da Easy Crew – either Rastamouse, Scratchy or Zoomer. Bandulu has run out of cheese to make his famous pies for the ‘likkle’ orphans of Mouseland, and President Wensley Dale has asked for your help to collect as much as possible while also grabbing the music notes for extra points.

Something for children and parents alike - the game is engaging and fun, with loads of twists and turns to keep it interesting. The ‘wicked’ features include four unique tricks for each character, along with five ever-changing worlds to play through. Players ride through various Mouseland locales, from the docks to the skate park, all accompanied by the rocking reggae which has become the show’s trademark. The simple interface means that the app is easy to navigate, and the world of Rastamouse comes to life in the most interactive way yet.

Source: DHX Media