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DesignLab Animates New USA Promos

Bringing a theatrical quality to a slate of USA Network movie premiere trailers, Broadway Video's DesignLab has finished its animated work for the channel's rollout of eight movies.

"We are elevating the overall look of the network identity packaging by adding more depth, perspective and light," offered USA Networks' art director Carrie Hirsch. "To give depth to [the] mostly flat graphic environment, we wanted the trailers to have an organic quality. This is a tall order and [Broadway Video DesignLab's creative director] Jamie [Slomski] was up for the challenge. He is a really talented designer and helped us achieve the look we wanted by capturing the essence of the films with simple and original graphical ideas that stayed true to our network brand."

The movie promos offer distinctly different looks and design concepts for each of the films: THE NUTTY PROFESSOR, MEET THE PARENTS, ANACONDA, HOLLOW MAN, NURSE BETTY, LIAR LIAR, OUT OF SIGHT and BOILER ROOM.

"Ultimately we were able to conceptualize and create a diverse range of looks that go beyond eye candy design to relate directly to the network brand and logo," said Slomski, who directed the promos.

For the ANACONDA trailer, DesignLab designed a dark and moody look to go along with the film's horror/suspense vibe. Playing on the theme of an oversized anaconda that lurks in jungle rivers, DesignLab created serpentine white type that rises from shimmering water. The letters, spelling "You Can't See It You Can't Hear It Feel It" build and stretch menacingly, while remaining dipped in the water. The "O" in ANACONDA was developed to appear as a snake eye, peering out at viewers.

Showing its ability to tap into alternative creative solutions, DesignLab created a unique look for the NUTTY PROFESSOR trailer. In the film, actor Eddie Murphy drinks a tonic concoction. To develop a look that tied in with this memorable scene, DesignLab created a tank with water and added lime green food coloring and Crisco to get a bubbling, magic potion look. They shot the solution with a DV camera, then composited the elements in Discreet's inferno and smoke.

DesignLab is Broadway Video's broadcast design, visual effects and production company, specializing in identity packages, on-air promotions, title sequences, show opens, interstitial graphics, commercials and logo animations. Founded by Lorne Michaels, the creator of SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE, Broadway Video ( is a full-integrated studio located in New York City.