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Dentsu & Nelvana Team on 'Chub City'

Dentsu Entertainment USA partners with Nelvana Enterprises and Fuel Entertainment to create the new animated TV series, Chub City.

Santa Monic, CA – Dentsu Entertainment USA, Inc. has signed a development agreement with Nelvana Enterprises and Fuel Entertainment to create an animated action comedy TV series, Chub City, it was announced by Mr. Yuma Sakata, President and CEO, Dentsu Entertainment USA.

The series follows the adventures of a team of heroic teenagers who drive customized cars at Chub City battle rallies. These rally sites pop-up spontaneously in different parts of the world, with teams arriving by train, ship, truck and helicopter in container units called Convos that become the building blocks for these instant cities. The stories find humor in the relationships of the diverse team of drivers and the awkward bond that forms with their more logical sentient cars, all while battling to recover a powerful hidden energy source.

The series is based on a prolific intellectual property and toy brand which has been sold worldwide at more than 11,000 stores including Walmart and Carrefour, and has been featured in nationally advertised Burger King and Taco Bell kids meal promotions. The new series, which promises to build on the Chub City brand by bringing the characters to life in action packed adventures, will be supported by new toy technology that will bring innovation to the vehicle toy space.

“We believe Chub City has a unique blend of action adventure and comedy that will appeal universally to kids in the US and abroad,” said Colin Bohm, Managing Director, Nelvana Enterprises. “We’re thrilled to be leveraging both the creative edge of Fuel, and the demonstrated success of the Dentsu global network of companies.”

Mike Burns, CEO of Fuel Entertainment, commented, “Creatively, Chub City is on trend with what’s happening in the vehicle customization world right now, and we believe it is the kind of project that will work beautifully in both traditional and new media formats.”

Sakata commented, “Chub City is an ideal example of Dentsu Entertainment USA’s strategic approach to children’s entertainment. Teaming up with companies who excel at development and have a great vision to reimagine the brand is something that we’re extremely excited about.” 

Source: Dentsu Entertainment USA

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