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DEN Summons Sim As Head Of Digital Programming

DIGITAL ENTERTAINMENT NETWORK, INC. (DEN), an on-line network targeting Generation Y, announced the appointment of MORRIS SIM as head of digital programming. Formerly with Microsoft, Sim held a variety of top-level managerial positions, supervising entire teams of programmers and designers for Microsoft's extensive line of consumer software. During his seven-year tour-of-duty, Sim was a key player in the development and design of some of Microsoft's top software products, like Access, VisualFoxPro, Visual Basic, Microsoft Works, Home Suite and Microsoft Office. In 1992, Sim helped design the software feature, Wizards, providing a more user-friendly interface for end-users. Prior to working as a program manager, Sim worked as a marketer for Microsoft's first Windows database product. In September 1998, Sim left Microsoft to direct and produce a feature film for GoMo Entertainment, entitled THE DISK-O-BOYZ, a coming-of-age story about five guys growing up while members of a popular rock band.

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