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Decode Scores Further Asian Deals For Kid vs Kat

Press Release from DECODE Enterprises

Toronto, London 13 May 2009. Leading kids and family entertainment specialist DECODE Enterprises, the distribution subsidiary of DHX Media Ltd., has scored further deals in Asia for KID VS KAT (52x11' / 26x22'), an animated series produced by Studio B Productions in association with YTV Canada and Jetix Europe.

Disney Channel India, Disney Channel Japan and Cartoon Network in Korea have snapped up the series which was also acquired by Nickelodeon South East Asia last year. KID VS KAT is also airing on ABC in Australia, YTV in Canada, Jetix Europe and Disney XD in the US.

Josh Scherba, VP Distribution at DECODE Enterprises said: "KID VS KAT is a great show for the six and upwards age group, with its pace and comical storylines. It's proving to be very popular with buyers in Asia and we're really pleased to have concluded these additional sales which extend the presence of the series in an important market for us."

Created by Rob Boutilier and targeted to kids 6-11, KID VS. KAT is about the exaggerated conflict between a demonically malevolent cat and the beleaguered ten-year-old boy to whom it has taken a demented dislike.

When 10-year old Coop's spoilt little sister Millie brings home a mysterious stray cat his idyllic life is turned upside-down. It turns out that this is no cat at all, but rather a malevolent space alien who just happens to look like a cat. What's more, this evil invader now blames Coop for stranding him here on Earth and is determined to destroy him! Unfortunately neither his dad, the kids in the neighbourhood, or the nasty old busybody next door, believes Coop when the inevitable chaos ensues. It's up to Coop and his best friend Dennis to find some evidence that will show the town what this "cat" really is, and to put a stop to all of its ingeniously evil schemes.

Will Coop survive long enough to make it to high school? With felines like this, who needs enemies?