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Decode Launches Two New Preschool Series At MIP

DECODE Entertainment is launching two brand new preschool series at MIP-TV 2002. SAVE UMS is a 26 x 30-minute 3D animation produced by DECODE and executive produced by creator and writer Dan Clark of the Dan Clark Company (BRATS OF THE LOST NEBULA). The series is a fun and educational project with an emphasis on problem solving. The SAVE UMS characters are preschool action heroes who encourage children to learn about technology. Each episode inspires children to develop their own skills and initiative and to adapt to the technology in their world. DECODE is also launching the new preschool animation series FRANNYS FEET. The 13 x 30-minute series tells the story of five-year-old Franny whose grandfather owns a shoe repair shop. Each time she tries on a pair of shoes, Franny finds herself going on a learning adventure. The animation for both shows is produced by C.O.R.E Digital Pictures, which also creates the animation for DECODEs series ANGELA ANACONDA.