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Decode Goes Interactive With Two New Projects

The interactive division of Toronto-based DECODE Entertainment is going into production on two Websites based on animated series. In addition to creating a French-language version of UNDERGRADS Online, they will also be developing the interactive world of GIRLSTUFF BOYSTUFF. UNDERGRADS Online is the Website DECODE developed alongside the animated series that currently airs on MTV and Teletoon. Co-produced by DECODE and MTV Animation, UNDERGRADS follows four male friends as they attempt to maintain their camaraderie while struggling to survive their first year at different colleges. UNDERGRADS Online features Flash-animated "outtakes" from the show, wireless applications, animated games and a community section. The Decode and Animus co-production GIRLSTUFF BOYSTUFF is a reality based animated series that eavesdrops on six young teens that have been friends forever. The show, which is currently in production, follows the different responses of boys and girls to the same events. DECODE Interactive is producing a Website that will allow the users to build and design their own content. After designing a visual cartoon identity, users can hang out in the GIRLSTUFF BOYSTUFF dorm, invite friends over to their room or visit rooms created by others. Visitors to the site can also create and customize their own animated episodes, sample and mix music from the television show and design their own clothes or skateboard logos in the online Streetwear Shop. Both Websites will have elements that are accessible via mobile phones and handheld devices.