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Decode Goes Down Under With Three New Shows

THE SAVE-UMS, DECODE's new preschool series is one of a trio of pick-ups by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) for its ABC Kids block. Created by Dan Clark of the Dan Clark Company, THE SAVE-UMS (52 x 11-minutes) lets preschoolers learn the principles of cause and effect and the impact of cooperative play. In addition to THE SAVE-UMS, the broadcaster has acquired the new adventure series KING for 8-12 year-olds and GIRLSTUFF BOYSTUFF, described as an animated FRIENDS for tweens. KING (26 x 22-minutes) is a 2D animated series that follows the adventures of a boy called Russell whose world is turned upside down when he discovers a portal under his bed which takes him to a kingdom where he is king. The series is a co-production between DECODE and Funbag Productions. Finally, GIRLSTUFF BOYSTUFF (52 x 11-minutes) is a reality-based animated series, which eavesdrops on six young teens (3 girls and 3 boys) who have been friends forever. The series is a Canada/Hong Kong/U.K. co-production with DECODE, Agogo Entertainment and Animage Films Ltd. These deals follow the success of DECODE's series ANGELA ANACONDA and OLLIVERS ADVENTURES, which are already part of the ABC Kids block.