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Decode Ent. And Scrawl Studios Co-Develop RPG High

Leading kids and family entertainment specialist DECODE Ent., a production subsidiary of DHX Media, has signed its second Canadian-Singaporean collaboration with Scrawl Studios for new animated series RPG HIGH (working title). The companies have also recently co-produced CLANG INVASION with Hong Kong's Agogo, which is launching at MIP TV.

Aimed at 8-12 year olds, RPG HIGH (52x11) is a new 2D series with 3D sequences that has a visual style inspired by video gaming. Distribution of the show will be split between the partners with Scrawl Studios handling Asia sales and DECODE Enterprises, DHX Media's distribution subsidiary, covering the rest of the world.

Beth Stevenson, Executive Vice President Production and Development said, "We're delighted to be collaborating again with our friends at Scrawl Studios after our successful partnership with Clang Invasion. RPG High harnesses many distinctive video gaming characters and styles that are universally loved by kids, and places them with comedy at the core of this innovative new show."

The world of video games is fast-paced, exciting and death defying at practically every turn. It's wild, treacherous and heaps of fun to play in. Now picture going to high school there. At Baer High, the students are the children of great and not-so-great video game characters. It's your average public high school plus lava traps, dragons and flaming barrels.

DECODE Enterprises will also be launching CLANG INVASION to buyers at MIPTV. The (26x22 or 52x11) series is a fast-paced sci-fi comedy about the adventures of a dysfunctional crew of alien robots who crash-land in the backyard of siblings Daisy and Robin.

The series has been developed by Singapore's Scrawl Studios and the Media Development Authority of Singapore (MDA) in co-production with DECODE Entertainment, YTV and established Hong Kong animation company Agogo Entertainment.