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Deak Ferrand And Cheryl Bainum Open Hatch

Award-winning visual effects designer and digital artist Deak Ferrand has left post-production facility R!OT to launch the independent studio Hatch with his long-time visual effects producing partner, Cheryl Bainum. Hatch designs and produces digital visual effects for films, television, commercials and interactive projects by using the latest techniques in digital matte painting, compositing and computer graphics. The studio specializes in concept design and designing and creating 3D matte paintings. Ferrands feature film credits as a visual effects designer and matte painter include THE ONE, WHAT DREAMS MAY COME, X-MEN and the upcoming films PLUTO NASH and BLADE 2. Since launching Hatch, Ferrand has been sub-contracted by R!OT to continue collaborating with visual effects producer Juliette Yager and director Chuck Russell on approximately twenty shots for Universal Pictures THE SCORPION KING.