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De Niro Steps Into Mob Boss Roll In Sharkslayer

USA TODAY brings us the news that Robert De Niro has come on board DreamWorks' upcoming animated feature SHARKSLAYER to voice Don Lino, the "Godfather" of all sharks, replacing THE SOPRANOS' James Gandolfini. De Niro joins Will Smith (ALI, MEN IN BLACK) who voices Oscar, a young fish that is found at the scene of the crime when the son of Don Lino gets killed. Oscar takes advantage of this opportunity to play the hero, but soon finds that there are serious consequences to his posing as the great Sharkslayer. Other voices include Angelina Jolie, Renee Zellweger and GANGS OF NEW YORK director Martin Scorsese as a territorial puffer fish. DreamWorks' head of animation Jeffrey Katzenberg told USA Today: "[Scorsese] talks so fast. For animation, that is just gold. He's a total ham." SHARKSLAYER is co-directed by Vicky Jenson (SHREK) and Eric "Bibo" Bergeron (THE ROAD TO EL DORADO) and is due in theaters November 5, 2004.