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DC Comics’ Zatanna Gets Feature

Writer Hadley Davis is drafting the script for a teen movie adaptation of Zatanna, the DC Comics sorceress, reports SCI FI WIRE.

"It's sort of an obscure DC Comic book," Davis said in an interview. "Well, I say that, and then people who know comic books know the comic. It has existed for years and years, but she is a female magician. It's for Warner Bros. and [producer] Denise DiNovi, and we've made her sort of a teen magician."

Zatanna first appeared in 1964's HAWKMAN number four, by Gardner Fox and Murphy Anderson, and subsequently showed up alongside many of DC Comics' original Justice League of America superheroes.

Davis (ICE PRINCESS) said, "The challenge is that magic is a challenging thing to do in a script. If someone is magical, they can do anything: They can solve any problem you might put in their way. So you have to create the rules of the world, and it's a completely different kind of challenge."

"It's more of a [comedic] and kind of tweeny, teen-[oriented]," Davis said. "I've really just dealt with the producer, Di Novi [PRACTICAL MAGIC], except for my pitch, but this is really different in tone than the things that they've been bringing out."

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