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DAZ Releases Most Popular Digital Models for Free

DAZ Prods. has made its two most popular 3D figures available for free to the public. Michael 3.0 and Victoria 3.0 are arguably the most widely supported 3D figures anywhere and are used by thousands of digital artists, illustrators and animators in projects such as print illustration, Web design, art, animation and film projects.

Our decision to make these two figures available for free was an easy one," said DAZ president Dan Farr. "With thousands upon thousands of existing developers supporting these figures with a huge amount of add-on clothing, hairstyles, skins and accessories, the demand for these two figures will only increase. We want to make it an easy choice for new users when deciding which figures to choose for their own projects.

DAZs Michael and Victoria figures are directly compatible with several software packages, including DAZ|Studio, which is also free to the public. The Michael and Victoria models also work directly within Poser, Shade, Bryce 5 and can be imported into almost every 3D application that is currently available.

"DAZ|Studio, our existing free software, coupled with Michael and Victoria, allows users to make high quality digital art, added Christopher Creek, vp of DAZ. Now absolutely anyone can become a 3D artist with no initial investment. As more and more cutting edge technology and tools are brought to the amateur in a way that they can afford, their ability to create something visually stunning and emotionally moving will grow like never before.

Victoria 3.0 is available for free download online at 3.0 is available at|Studio is available for free download online at

DAZ Prods. Inc. ( is a market leader in 3D digital content creation. DAZ develops software applications that support its content, including DAZ|Studio, a free 3D character art application; Mimic, a lip-synching application; and Bryce, a 3D environment package.