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Daz Productions Offers Lip Syncing Tool Mimic At 75% Savings

Utah-based DAZ Productions, a company that specializes in providing 3D models for the animation tool Poser, has acquired lip sync software Mimic from LIPSinc. DAZ Productions sees the acquisition as a chance to help bring a powerful animation tool to more of the general public with a more competitive price point. Dan Farr, president of DAZ Productions, explained: "Thousands of people in the Poser community have already purchased Mimic at the $195 price and have been very happy with it. [We acquired Mimic] as part of our efforts to push prices into the realm of affordability and as well support a product that may have otherwise been taken off the market." DAZ is offering Mimic for a limited time at a 75% savings from the list price (US$195). Mimic can be purchased for US$48.75 at DAZ's online store, located at Both PC and MAC versions are available.