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Day Of The Pigman Starts Production in New Jersey

Howell, New Jersey-based NT Limited, a focused animation house, has announced the production of its first animated film, DAY OF THE PIGMAN. The film is scheduled for release in the spring of 2005 on DVD.

The hand-drawn film follows the path of the brilliant Dr. Osgood (Chris Northrop) a dangerous scientist whose disturbing research leads to creation of the first Pigman (Mark Tordik) and the eventual destruction of humankind. The only thing that stands in his way is the kind heart of his head of security, The General (Kevin Grom Jr.). The film is co-written by Northrop and Tordik. All animation will be handled by Northrop, while Tordik lends his voice for several roles including the title character.

To animate, Northrop sketches a drawing on paper, inks the outline and scans it onto his computer, where with the help of editing software, animation is realized. Tordik adds, Chris dedication to this project is inspiring.

Northrop has been coordinating voice talent, music research, writing and promotion all while drawing characters and backgrounds for hours at a time. To complete one minute of animation, I have to spend a better part of a week tweaking the frames to perfection, Northrop said.

Ive been a serious artist since I was 6 years old, said Northrop. But I never thought I would leverage my artistic skills to create as something as dynamic as an animated film. I am still in awe how far this film has come, but Mark and I have been hard at work for about two years now, and dont intend to cease until Day of the Pigman is completed and accepted into a handful of film festivals.

The support we have been getting from friends and family has been incredible, said Tordik. It seems everyone wants a piece of the PIGMAN craze. Its amazing because we first started this project as a hobby. But when I look at the progress weve made, I understand why people are taking notice.

Northrop is in his final semester at Kean University in Union, where he is completing his undergraduate degrees in writing and theatre. Tordik pursued a degree in Communication with a concentration in journalism from Seton Hall University in South Orange, New Jersey.

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