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David OReilly’s ‘Mountain’ Now Available

Award-winning animator David OReilly releases his first video game, an ambient procedural mountain simulator called ‘Mountain.’

Award-winning animator David OReilly, best known for his short films Please Say Something and The External World, has released his first video game, Mountain.

Billed an “ambient procedural mountain simulator,” the game is a follow-up to the artist’s conceptual work for the Spike Jonze’s movie Her, which featured a 3D holographic video game with an adorable yet foul-mouthed alien.

First previewed at E3 in June, and available since July 1 for $1 for PC/Mac/Linux platforms as well as iOS, Mountain prompts players to draw pictures based on a series of open-ended questions. The results are then collated and used by the game's code to create a unique mountain. Data culled from the images also influences variables like the shape of the terrain, snowfall levels, and the type and quantity of vegetation that will appear.

Check out the trailer, below:

Source: David OReilly

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