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David Goyer Set To Pen Thor for Big Screen

During a panel at Charlottes Heroes Convention, BABYLON 5 creator and comicbook writer J. Michael Straczynski slipped the news that David Goyer (BLADE, BATMAN BEGINS) is writing a treatment for a screen adaptation of THOR, reports EMPIRE. Its unknown whether Goyer will be rewriting the draft from Mark Protosevich (POSEIDON) or starting from scratch.

The long-running and popular Marvel character is based on the legendary Norse thunder god. The comic tale has Thor sent by head god Odin to Earth to learn some humility by living as a mortal without his divine powers. As Dr. Donald Blake, he lives a quiet and blameless life on Earth without any memory of who he really is, until he discovers that he can transform himself into Thor and his cane is actually the magical hammer Mjolnir.

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