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Dashing Ships FedEx Spot with Great VFX

Dashing recently showcased their diversity and nimble nature in a spot for FedEx, shot by Director Tim Godsall out of BBDO Toronto.

Press Release from Dashing

Dashing recently showcased their diversity and nimble nature in a spot for FedEx, shot by Director Tim Godsall out of BBDO Toronto.

Change stars an effortlessly competent business executive/surgeon/tattoo artist/chess master/sculptor who orders one of his office drones to use FedEx for a non-urgent shipment. When the assistant second-guesses his boss, explaining his belief that FedEx is only good for urgent shipping needs, he is met with a stern explanation that it's possible be good at many things.

Dashing complemented Godsall's work with a variety of seamless effects: creating a real, physics-based trajectory for a golf ball landing perfectly in a tiny target; using a similar process to create plaster chipping off a sculpture; perfecting the design and position of a tattoo on the man's back so it looked as if it was being inked by his own hand, matching the subtle warping of his skin with deforming tracks and matte painting work.

"The brief was to make everything as natural as possible," noted Dashing Founder/VFX Supervisor Rob Moggach, who worked in Maya and Flame for all animation, compositing and finishing. "The comedy of the spot is in the sheer believability of the extraordinary feats that happen. Going beyond this would have missed the point. We were careful in this regard not to take any of our work too far and let cues from real possibilities guide us."

"BBDO was a great partner and trusted our instinct throughout," stated Dashing EP Danielle Lyons. "From the beginning, Director Tim Godsall was onboard, knowing instinctively from our reel that with a small brief we'd take the creative steps necessary to get the job done without any creative hand-holding." Dashing delivered as promised, putting the final touches on the spot in just four weeks.

Anchored by Founder and Creative Director Robert Moggach, Executive Producer Danielle Lyons and a select team of top digital artists and technicians, Dashing is tailor made for handling projects with demanding creative or technical challenges and adapting to service emerging complex, cross-platform creative needs.

Credits:Client: FedExSpot Title: ChangeAir Date: January 2011

Agency: BBDO TorontoCD: Peter IgnaziAD: Mike DonagheyCopywriter: Chris JoakimProducer: Christie Gawenda

Production House: OPCDirector: Tim GodsallDP: Tiko PoulakakisEP: Harland WeissProducer: Rick Jarjoura

Editorial: PosterBoyEditor: Griff HendersonEP: Michelle Lee

Telecine: Alter EgoColorist: Wade OdlumEP: Michael Lambermont

VFX: Dashing CollectiveSupervisor: Rob MoggachEP: Danielle LyonsProducer: Debbie Cooke

Music/Sound Design/Mix: Grayson MatthewsEP: Bridget Flynn

Shoot Location: Toronto, ON Canada

About Dashing:Dashing is a group of digital craftsmen, creative problem solvers, and technical innovators. The Toronto-based creative collective specializes in format-independent delivery of high-end, commercially motivated, moving, still and interactive imagery. The studio will focus on visual effects and also harbor capabilities that allow for unconventional cross-platform projects.

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