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Dark Horse Announces Next Star Wars Comic Wave

Dark Horse has announced its comic and graphic novel releases for March, leading into the release of the STAR WARS: EPISODE III: REVENGE OF THE SITH on May 19, 2005. The trade paperback adaptation ($12.95) of EPISODE III will hit stores April 2, with art by Doug Wheatley.

Also on April 2, Dark Horse will release STAR WARS: VISIONARIES ($17.95), a collection of short comic stories by the EPISODE III concept artists and designers, including Iain McCaig, Warren Fu, Derek Thompson and more. These creators have been given free rein to explore the furthest reaches of the STAR WARS universe. This is the first time that comic stories have been written and drawn by the STAR WARS concept artists. The 7x10 trade paperback is 136 pages.

Additionally, Dark Horse will release a four-comic miniseries featuring EPISODE IIIs villain, General Grievous. The titles will be a $2.99, 32-page series by Chuck Dixon, Rick Leonardi, and Mark Pennington. As well, the final issue of STAR WARS: OBSESSION -- which will set the stage for EPISODE III -- and the latest issues of STAR WARS EMPIRE, STAR WARS REPUBLIC and STAR WARS TALES, will be on sale.

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