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Daniel Langlois Foundation's Grants for Researchers in Residence

* Daniel Langlois Foundation's Grants for Researchers in Residence: Thursday, January 31 - Tuesday, December 31, 2002, Montreal, Quebec Canada.

Entry Deadline: Friday, August 31, 2001

The Daniel Langlois Foundation for Art, Science and Technology seeks to nurture a critical awareness of technology's implications for human beings and their natural and cultural environment. This new program of the Foundation is intended to further artistic and scientific knowledge. The program offers two grants every year to enable researchers to work in the Foundation's collections at the Centre for Research and Documentation (CR+D) in Montreal. One of the CR+D's goals is on-line access to documents of all kinds (articles, photographs, video, audio), particularly documentation on the works and research projects supported by the Foundation and documentation drawn directly from its archives. The program of Grants for Researchers in Residence is open to historians, curators, critics, independent researchers, artists and scientists in various fields, including computer science and related areas of social science. The research projects must relate to the research topics established by the Foundation each year. For 2001-2002, the topics are: technological, artistic and aesthetic history of computer animation; and conceptual, scientific and artistic issues involved in preserving digital artworks or works with digital components. The research residencies run from three to six months and must be completed between January 1, 2002, and December 31, 2002. For more information, contact: The Daniel Langlois Foundation for Art, Science and Technology, 3530 Saint-Laurent Boulevard, Suite 402, Montreal, Quebec, Canada H2X 2V1; Tel: (514) 987-7177; Fax: (514) 987-7492; Web:

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