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Danger, Danger, Lost in Space on DVD

LOST IN SPACE - THE COMPLETE FIRST SEASON (Fox Home Entertainment, $79.98) lands on DVD Jan. 13, 2004 in an eight-disc set containing all 29 black and white episodes of the Space Family Robinson from '65. Cheesy effects, but producer Irwin Allen offered a fun sci-fi romp that took place in '97. The first season was definitely the best. Includes the unaired pilot, "No Place to Hide" with no Dr. Smith (Jonathan Harris) and no robot.

Disc 1The Reluctant StowawayThe DerelictIsland In The SkyThere Were Giants In The Earth

Disc 2The Hungry SeaWelcome StrangerMy Friend, Mr. NobodyInvaders From the Fifth Dimension

Disc 3The OasisThe Sky Is FallingWish Upon A StarThe Raft

Disc 4One Of Our Dogs Is MissingAttack of the Monster PlantsReturn From Outer SpaceThe Keeper- Part 1

Disc 5The Keeper- Part 2The Sky PirateGhost In SpaceThe War of the Robots

Disc 6The Magic MirrorThe ChallengeThe Space TraderHis Majesty Smith

Disc 7The Space CroppersAll That GlittersThe Last CivilizationA Change Of Space

Disc 8Follow The LeaderNo Place to Hide (Unaired pilot)