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Dancing Diablo Studio Gets Fired Up

Brooklyn, New York is the home of a newly formed animation studio called Dancing Diablo. The studio set up shop in January 2002, and has already taken on some high profile projects, including work on Fox Kids' upcoming series TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES. Founded by director / illustrator / motion designer Beatriz Helena Ramos, who at age 22 founded Caracas Comics Studio in her native Venezuela and has worked on such projects as MTV DOWNTOWN and John R. Dilworth's THE MOUSOCHIST (winner of the Best in Show Award at the 2002 ASIFA Festival), Dancing Diablo is also currently at work on print and TV ads for Young & Rubicam and Grey Advertising, as well as production on SINIESTRO, their first independent stop-motion film. Joining Ramos are executive producer Barbara Jean Kearney, a veteran of MTV Commercials and vice president of ASIFA East; creative partner Miguel Villalobos, an illustrator and photographer who was visual consultant for the 2001 Sundance Film Festival winner HEDWIG AND THE ANGRY INCH and art director for LIFE ON A STRING, which was the official selection of the Berlin, Cannes and Tribeca Film Festivals; creative partner Peter Sluszka, a stop-motion artist and teacher at the School of Visual Arts whose experience includes work for MTV Animation on CELEBRITY DEATHMATCH and numerous animated commercials for Curious Pictures; and executive administrator Diego Sanchez, whose experience in the financial and corporate arenas include ING Barings, Greenteam USA Advertising and the Government of Venezuela. Find out more about Dancing Diablo at their Website