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D2 Software Offers NUKE v4.6

Integrated Truelight color management, optical flow re-timing and support for Intel-based Mac systems highlight the latest version of the NUKE high-end compositor. Like previous versions, 4.6 includes cutting edge technologies developed to solve particular production problems faced by NUKE users and makes the tools available to artists everywhere.

Highlights include:

* Optiflow -- This brand new feature enables smooth motion effects when retiming shots or adding/subtracting motion blur. Optiflow creates a pattern track for every pixel, resulting in high-fidelity images with natural looking motion, and supports bi-directional merging of clips.* Tracker -- NUKE's brand new tracker is faster and more accurate - able to detect and adjust to subtle changes in source values. The algorithm goes beyond 2D to track motion and rotation, scaling, perspective and color. Artists can generate transformations based on feedback -- when tracking four points, one tracker remains still while the others rotate and scale. It also enables image stabilization and matchmoving.* InPaint wire/scratch removal -- By pulling pixels from other areas of the frame to paint over the identified area automatically, NUKE's InPaint feature handles even those shots that time-based removal cannot address.* New color picker -- Artists can now set hue, saturation, and value from a new, user-friendly color wheel display. Newly-designed color sliders support dynamic color display, while text input fields enable direct entry and display of TMI, HSV and RGBA values. Users can also tweak multiple knobs simultaneously.* Updated Primatte Keyer -- NUKE v4.6 includes the newest version of the Primatte keyer featuring 32-bit floating point precision, Auto-Compute for push-button ease of use, pre-set controls and film grain removal.* Truelight integration -- Truelight, the highly regarded color management system from FilmLight, is now integrated into NUKE's plug-in architecture. By using Truelight within NUKE, artists can previsualize and color-correct images on digital displays in color that is accurate to the final film or HD image when projected. Working closely with FilmLight engineers, D2 Software created a UI within NUKE that mirrors the Truelight UI, offering artists the highest level of control.

NUKE now also supports QuickTime, HDRI and CRW file formats. A new CRW reader enables direct import of camera raw files so artists can work with the most color and light information available. And with the ability to read/write HDR files, NUKE artists can bring high dynamic range files into NUKE for compositing. And Iridas FrameCycler Professional 2006 is bundled with NUKE v4.6 to enable uncompressed playback and a host of new review and analysis features.

NUKE v4.6 is available for Linux, Windows and Mac platforms, including Intel-based Mac systems. It is a no-cost upgrade for customers under current support contracts and is available through D2 Software and authorized resellers.

D2 Software Inc. is a subsidiary of Digital Domain. For further information, please visit