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Cycore & bioVirtual Announce 3DmeNow With Cult3D Exporter

Cycore and bioVirtual recently announced that they had teamed up to create a tool to convert animated 3D humans into interactive 3D images for use on the Web. As a result of this partnership the two companies have released "3DmeNow with Cult3D Exporter" - a tool that allows anyone to create interactive photo-realistic 3D human models, characters and avatars, for use in entertainment, security and scientific applications quickly and easily. 3DMeNow with Cult3D Exporter is based on Cycore Cult3D and the 3DmeNow technology from bioVirtual. Cycore Cult3D, used by many of the world's leading brands in consumer electronics, transportation and e-business, provides low-bandwidth interactive 3D images that can be viewed by virtually anyone with a computer. bioVirtual's 3DMeNow product range offers unrivalled real-time 3D rendering, digital human modeling and animation capabilities. "This technology brings yet another dimension to Web entertainment and e-business experiences," said Jerry Pettersson, Cycore's chief technology officer. "With this co-offering, Cycore and bioVirtual will be delivering a tool that provides a truly amazing, easy-to-use method to create highly realistic, interactive animated 3D humans in short timeframes. All you need to capture the 3D image is a digital camera. Just snap photos of your model from the front and in profile, and then load the images into the 3DmeNow program. This is another giant leap in bringing 3D for the Web into the mainstream." The product is available now at