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CVMP Keynote Speakers Announced

Keynote speakers for the European Conference on Visual Media Production, to be held in London December 5-6, 2012, are announced.

London, UK – CVMP, the European Conference on Visual Media Production will be held in London December 5-6, 2012. CVMP is a melting pot of exciting new ideas and trends in media production. It brings together world leading experts from the film, broadcast and games industries. Well-respected academics and researchers in imaging and graphics will be showcasing the latest software and hardware that is making waves in the industry and pushing the boundaries of technology.

The event is also well attended by highly respected industry figures from major studios and post productions facilities including Framestore and Double Negative.

Confirmed keynote speakers at the event will include Mike Romey, CG Supervisor at ZOIC Studios, Olga Sorkine, Assistant Professor of Computer Science at ETH Zurich and Tom Mertens, CEO and Co-Founder at Camargus.

Product demos

Attendees will get a glimpse of the latest industry technology in action with a range of high calibre product demos. Products being showcased will include:

  • OneCam – a newsmall form-factor camera system that uses a single CCD to provide agreater sensor area devoted to gathering light and a true global shutter
  • Ncam -Specifically designed to provide augmented reality solutions for film andtelevision productions, Ncam is a portable system capable of tracking anykind of camera, whether it’s on a crane, on a dolly steadicam or handheld
  • Faceshift – Amarkerless fast, easy to use, and accurate motion capture system everystep, from prototyping to production
  • DepthArtistPlug-in - Trinity College Dublin have developed a number of plugins forThe Foundry’s NUKE compositing software. They help users to convert CGanimations into stereoscopic 3D.

CVMP is an impartial event organized by The Foundry, a world-leading innovator in visual effects software. Members of the committee are from Trinity College Dublin, BBC R&D and University of Surrey. The event is sponsored by renowned organizations including Google, MPC, VES (The Visual Effects Society) and The GG Channel. Find out more about CVMP:

Source: The Foundry

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